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Welcome to Penhurst Capital, your trusted partner in small business financing solutions.

At Penhurst Capital we specialize in providing transparent and expedient financing options tailored to your needs. From working capital to term loans, our team at Penhurst Capital is committed to helping small businesses thrive.

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At Penhurst Capital we prioritize transparency and integrity.

We understand the challenges faced by small business owners and the importance of finding reliable financing solutions. That’s why we integrate keywords such as small business financing, working capital, cash advance, term loan, business loans, and financing seamlessly into our approach, ensuring that our online presence reflects our commitment to serving your needs.

We believe in fostering partnerships built on trust and transparency, guiding you through the financing process every step of the way.

With a client-first mentality, our dedicated team works tirelessly to empower business owners with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed financial decisions.

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At Penhurst Capital, we serve small business owners nationwide.

Our services span various industries including construction, contractors, oilfield services, agricultural services, automotive repair, trucking/transportation, medical apparatus, home health, and restaurants. While our roots may be in Arlington Heights, Illinois, our reach extends far beyond, embracing clients from all geographic locations.