Unlock financial flexibility with Merchant Cash Advance.

In the world of business financing, adaptability and ingenuity reign supreme. Penhurst Capital’s network introduces a dynamic solution: the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). Unlike traditional loans, the MCA offers businesses a lump sum financing arrangement, exchanged for a percentage of daily credit card sales or other daily revenues.

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How does the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) work?

The Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) represents a departure from conventional lending. Rather than a typical loan structure, it operates as a unique form of financing based on a business’s future credit card receivables or sales. Through the MCA, businesses receive an upfront lump sum, with repayment facilitated through a portion of their daily credit card transactions or other daily sales.

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At Penhurst Capital, we believe in providing businesses with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

Our network of sources offer unique Merchant Cash Advance solutions that provide flexibility and support necessary to navigate the complexities of business financing. Whether your goals involve expanding operations, procuring new equipment, or addressing unforeseen expenses, Penhurst Capital stands ready to assist you in achieving your objectives. With a commitment to transparency and personalized service, we’ll guide you through the Merchant Cash Advance process, ensuring you have the clarity and support you need every step of the way.