As a small business owner, increasing revenue can be achieved without a significant investment, purchasing a new building or implementing major marketing initiatives. Below are some strategies that could potentially help increase revenue with minimal effort/cost.

Stay in contact with clients: Your clients chose todo business with your company, which as a small business owner, should certainly make you feel appreciative. But in order to keep these customers coming back, it is important to stay in contact with them. Some easy ways to do that are by sending a quick email thanking them for their previous business; reaching out periodically to check in on them to see if they need any additional products/services, and reaching out to notify them of upcoming promotions, sales or events.

To take that a step further, writing them a personalized letter or reaching out via phone call (or even a visit to their site) to thank them for their business and check in on their experience working with the company could go a long way in getting the customer to come back in the future. You could also include a goodie bag (with pens, notepads, or even t-shirts or mugs) along with your letter to really show your appreciation.

Online reviews: Having a presence on Yelp, Angie’s List or Google where clients can go to leave a review on the experience they had with your company could go a long way in future clients deciding to do business with your company based on the solid reviews they read online.

Retargeting: If you place retargeting technology on your business’ website, through the use of site and cookie-based technology, potential clients who visited the company’s website without making a purchase will then see display ads (from your company) on other websites, which (ideally) could remind them to visit your site again (and hopefully decide to make a purchase).

Establish a presence in the local community: Another simple way to potentially increase sales is through holding demonstration events, attending local trade shows, or becoming a sponsor of local community events and then attending those events to mingle with attendees.

Social media presence: Opening a Facebook or a LinkedIn page (or any other social media source) that includes pertinent information on it (such as product/service offerings, contact phone number, email address, areas the company serves, or a link to the company website (if applicable) provides an easy way for potential clients to understand what your products/services are, while providing a way to get in contact with your business, or to leave a review/ask a question.

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